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Building Better Citizens

A “Digital Private Club” for people who believe that a world of Social Progress for ALL is possible.


Building Better Citizens

A “Digital Private Club” for people who believe that a world of Social Progress for ALL is possible.

Bettizens is an Exclusive Network (without censorship, algorithms, data mining, sponsors or investors) for people who promote Positive Change. UNVERIFIED Members have limited access and cannot interact with the network. Becoming VERIFIED gives you access to all features, allowing you to post in the Groups / Forums SPECIFICALLY INTENDED for each topic with total RESPECT for others’ opinions. 

What to Know About Bettizens

No. We ARE NOT a network to waste time. For that, we already have Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. However, we do not intend to replace any of these networks. We are here to learn from each other, exchange knowledge/experiences, and take action.

No matter how you call yourself (“Good Citizen“, “Openminded”, “Progressive“, “Liberal“, “Democrat“, “Leftist“, “Democratic Socialist“, “Socialist“, “Communist“…) if you care about ISSUES related to Social Progress & Justice you should CLICK HERE to join Bettizens now.

We are all different but the important thing is to agree on the essence of the solutions to each problem, even if we have different perceptions of how to fix them.

To join Bettizen you just have to complete the short form with your email, username, and password. Once inside it is important that you COMPLETE your profile and ask to be VERIFIED to access all Bettizens’ features.

Please, take into account that as a private club we have a “right of admission“, so according to your Profile and Activity on the network, we can decide whether to acceptrejectmaintain or cancel your membership, with or without explanation.

BETTIZENS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. It is exclusive for people -of different opinions and backgrounds- who defend causes related to Justice and Social Progress. THIS conditions everything else: from who is accepted and can remain on the network, to what is published.

UNITY IN DIVERSITY: At Bettizens we believe in an inclusive, constructive, and respectful discussion of different points of view on vital social issues, with a citizen approach that does not discriminate against minorities, but is focused on the majority, those who have the least. We are not interested in wasting time on sterile discussions with “centrist”, “conservative”, or openly “right-wing” points of view, so they will not be allowed.

USEFUL PUBLICATIONS: We don’t have “algorithms” that decide what everyone sees or reads. The order in which what is published appears is won on its own merit: first those with the most “likes” and comments. But what you post must be useful to people that care about Progress and Social Justice.

EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE: The core of Bettizens is the Groups and in each of them only publications related to the theme of the Group are allowed. No exceptions.

THE MAIN RULE: comply with the first four and apply “common sense“, a “sense of belonging” and a strong “sense of responsibility“. When you join Bettizens it is assumed that you agree to these rules. Violations will lead to the removal of the post and can result in the offender receiving anything from a warning to being banned from the network.

Conservatives used to say that people who care about Social Justice do not have a clear concept of discipline. Well, that is not the case with Bettizens.

Avoid the "Tyranny of the Algorithms"

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Bettizens need to connect at a deeper level so we can collaborate more & better.

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We promote respectful, inclusive, and constructive discussions among peers.

Share Experiences & Make Plans Together

Capital and inequality are global. Solidarity and social action should also be global.

We Can Challenge The Negative Effects Of Globalization Through Citizen Action

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Global Citizen Action is the Key!

Through community organizations, social movements, issue campaigns, and policy advocacy, citizens have found ways to have their voices heard and to influence the decisions and practices of larger institutions that affect their lives.

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