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Top 6 Reasons to Join Bettizens

A Place to Reach Out & Connect

Bettizens enables you to reach and access other community members, no matter where they are in the world. Our members know that they can reach out to other Bettizens’ members and groups – either for business or social/emotional support. This is a great way to access a ready-made network of passionate, enthusiastic people who ‘get’ you.

A Place to Belong & Share Your Passion

Sometimes it’s just about finding your tribe. The Bettizens community is a place where you can feel a sense of belonging – no matter what your current interests and goals are – we all share a love for and pride in investing, trading, and money making. We are here because we love to do good through the generation of wealth and growth for all.

A Place to Help Others & Help Yourself

People who share a common bond are more inclined to help others. We’re building a community we can all be proud of, one in which our members share and exchange ideas and opportunities with each other. We match people looking to gain knowledge and expertise with other members who are in a unique position to help.

A Place to Call in a Favor

Do you have access to something or someone which could be of benefit to someone else? The best way to solve a problem is by asking a network of invested, connected people. Bettizens members can help you reach your goals, whether that involves accessing broader social connections or reaching out to someone who can help with an opportunity, or opening a door for you.

A Place to Honor Our Champions

We plan to create a platform that recognizes serious-minded, socially responsible investors, traders, and entrepreneurs who are doing amazing things around the world and show them how proud we all are of their efforts. We see this as a great way to showcase market champions’ ingenuity, innovation, achievement, and contribution to the future of humankind.

A Place to Build a Legacy

We think individual investors, traders, and money-makers need all the help they can get to truly reach their potential. We want to create a mechanism for Bettizens to help each other, to allow them to compete on a world stage, and to promote even more opportunities that will have a tangible impact on socially responsible investing (SRI) for both social betterment and financial returns.

What to know

About Bettizens

No. We created Bettizens to avoid the “tyranny of the algorithms” and we do not intend to replace Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc. However, we ARE NOT a network to waste time on. We are here to learn from each other, exchange knowledge/experiences, and take action.

All people REALLY interested in investment, trading, money-making, and entrepreneurship, regardless of their level of knowledge or experience. In Bettizens there is no censorship since the members themselves evaluate the other members, groups, and publications, and what does not add value to the community is eliminated. Without exceptions.

To join Bettizens you just have to complete a short form with your email, username, password, and the country you live in (we never ask for confidential information). It’s easy, fast, and ALWAYS FREE.

If you are interested in becoming a Verified Member, to build trust with other members or for any other reason, you will pay $7.77 ONE TIME ONLY, but verified and non-verified members have access to the same benefits and may remain in the network as long as they add value and comply with the “5 Rules of Bettizens”.

* Rule #1: BETTIZENS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. It is exclusively for people -of different knowledge levels and backgrounds- who really care about investing, trading, and money-making opportunities. THESE conditions impact everything else: from who remains on the network, to what is published.

* Rule #2: RESPECTFUL & POLITE LANGUAGE. At Bettizens we believe in an inclusive, constructive, and respectful discussion of different points of view on vital money issues, with a citizen approach that absolutely does not discriminate against anyone.

* Rule #3: USEFUL PUBLICATIONS. We don’t have “algorithms” that decide what everyone sees or reads. The order in which what is published appears is won on its own merit: first those with the most “likes” and comments. But what you post must be useful to our community.

* Rule #4: EACH THING IN ITS PLACE. The core of Bettizens is the Groups and in each one of them, only publications related to the theme of the Group are allowed. No exceptions.

* Rule #5: THE MAIN RULE. We deeply care about the QUALITY of our network. Please, comply with the first four rules and apply “common sense“, a “sense of belonging” and a strong “sense of responsibility“.

When you join Bettizens it is assumed that you agree to these rules. Violations will lead to the removal of the post and can result in the offender receiving anything from a warning to being banned from the network.

  1. Create an Account and complete your Profile.
  2. Join Groups and Meet like-minded people. Invite fellow investors and traders.
  3. Start Discussions in Groups and Forums.
  4. Share Experiences and make plans together.
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