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Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We might have the answers. Or we will found out them together.

Bettizens is an exclusive digital platform for people who defend or care about causes related to Progress and Social Justice. Although we all may be called by many different names, what we really intend to be is BETTER CITIZENS. People who, among many other things, demand affordable Health and Education for all, a decent salary that allows at least basic needs to be covered, respect for voting rights and the non-interference of Big Capital in elections, responsible care of the environment, etc.

No. We ARE NOT a network to share family photos or waste time. For all that we already have Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

We are here to organize ourselves, learn from each other, exchange knowledge/experiences, and take action. We are in the business of Building Better Citizens (Bettizens).

GroupsForums & Tasks are at the core of Bettizens. They are essential for communicating, collaborating, and making things happen.

We do not intend to replace any of those networks.

No matter how you call yourself (“Good Citizen“, “Openminded”, “Progressive“, “Liberal“, “Democrat“, “Leftist“, “Democratic Socialist“, “Socialist“, “Communist“…) if you care about ISSUES related to Social Progress & Social Justice you should CLICK HERE and join Bettizens now.

We are all different but the important thing is to agree on the essence of the solutions to each problem, even if we have different perceptions of how to fix them.

Yes, joining Bettizens is easy, fast and always Free.

To join, you just have to complete the short form with your email, your username, and password. Once inside, it is important that you COMPLETE your profile and upload your REAL photo. Until you do that, you will not be able to use the different features of the platform.

Please, take into account that we work as a private club (“right of admission“), so according to your Profile and your Activity on the network, we can decide whether to acceptrejectmaintain or cancel your membership.

BETTIZENS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. It is a “private digital club” for people of different opinions and backgrounds who defend causes related to Justice and Social Progress. This definition conditions everything else: from who is accepted and can remain on the network, to what is published.

UNITY IN DIVERSITY: At Bettizens we believe in an inclusive, constructive, and respectful discussion of different points of view on vital social issues, with a citizen approach that does not discriminate against minorities, but is focused on the majority, those who have the least. We are not interested in wasting time on sterile discussions with “centrist”, conservative or openly right-wing points of view, so they will not be allowed.

USEFUL PUBLICATIONS: We don’t have “algorithms” that decide what everyone sees or reads. The order in which what is published appears is won on its own merit: first those with the most “likes” and comments. But the publications in Bettizens (articles, news, Memes, videos, etc.) must be useful to people and organizations that care about Progress and Social Justice. It is not a space to publish photos of puppies and kittens (however beautiful those little animals are), or of vacations on the beach.

EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE: The core of Bettizens is the Groups (you can create and belong to many groups, while the system can assign you to certain groups depending on where you live and the interests shown) and in each of them only publications related to the theme of the Group are allowed. Everything that can be considered “advertising” is accepted only in the Advertising Group. In the same way, -just to give two examples-, we do not publish anything about “China” in the “USA” Group and nothing about “minimum wage” in the Environment group, unless there is a direct relationship that justifies the action.

THE MAIN RULE: comply with the first four and apply “common sense“, a “sense of belonging” and a strong “sense of responsibility“. There are no exceptions (at least not after our system or our team detect violations). When you join Bettizens it is assumed that you agree to these rules. Violations will lead to the removal of the post and can result in the offender receiving anything from a warning to being banned from the network.

Our opponents often say that people who care about Social Justice do not have a clear concept of discipline. Well, that is not the case with Bettizens.you

Other Bettizens Rules

* This platform belongs to everyone. Taking care of it concerns everyone. You should only INVITE people who really support or are interested in causes related to Justice and Social Progress. 

* You cannot POST or COMMENT anything until at least ONE person has invited you as a friend or accepted your friend request. Completing and keeping your profile updated is very important for others to trust you.

* Even though we all support almost the same causes and issues, we do not all think exactly the same, nor do we see exactly the same dimension or the same solutions to each problem. The debate around opinions should be RESPECTFUL and CONSTRUCTIVE. That is part of the “Unity in Diversity” that Bettizens promotes.

* In Bettizens we have added the “flag” (Report) and “block” features. Use them with care and civic responsibility. Having a different opinion is not reason enough to report a member or flag a post or comment. If you find too many differences between your positions and those of another Member, you can then block him or her from generating further interactions. However, Bettizens encourages everyone to try to understand the other’s position, even if they don’t agree with it.

* Unlike Facebook and other social networks, here it is not important to have many friends and followers but the necessary ones, or open and/or belong to many Groups, except those that may be useful to others and where you can contribute something useful. Since Groups are the heart of Bettizens, let us elaborate a bit more on the subject:

* * We promote the concept of “Global Groups“: they are those that more generally encompass our members, such as “The United States” (i.e. members of Bettizens in the U.S) or “Bettizens Spain” in the case of countries; “Progressives” or “Democratic Socialists” in the case of political or ideological affiliations; “Nurses” or “Taxi Drivers” when it comes to professions and so on…

* * These groups do not have “Owners” or “Admins“, to avoid any kind of subjective manipulation. They are created by our staff and moderated by the members of each Group, who decide what is seen first in the feed according to their “likes” and number of comments, as well as which posts, comments, and even members should be accepted or banned from the Group.

* * Our members cannot create Global Groups (unless they have the express authorization of our staff). It means, you can’t create “Bettizens Malaysia” or “Bettizens Teachers“, but you can create “US Teacher for Bernie Sanders” or “French Drivers for the Environment“. Only the most general groups are reserved for collective moderation, without specific “owners“.

* At Bettizens we do not have investors or advertisers. We are a small team with limited resources. Even so, we are at your disposal to help you in whatever is within our reach. Please take care of our time as we take care of yours.


More Questions

Yes, we have a Progressive Web App with a very modern technological base, although it is still in full development. Once you Sign up to Bettizens, you will see a message inviting you to download the App to your phone. In addition to doing it directly, in the case of Android devices you will soon be able to download the App from the Google Store and a little later from the Apple Store.

The App allows you to access some pages even if you are not connected to the Internet.

Please continue to use the other social networks, as each of them serves a specific purpose. Bettizens’ goal is to allow you, and like-minded people, to escape the “tyranny of algorithms” of traditional networks. On Bettizens nobody determines the order in which the publications appear, except the merit itself: the ones with the most “likes” and comments go first.

Also, Bettizens is not a social network. It is a private digital platform, focused on facilitating communication and collaboration of people interested in causes of justice and social progress.

Over the years, Facebook has grown to become an internet behemoth. Many users have several hundred friends or subscribers on Facebook. Users are encouraged to add as many friends as they can and share everything they experience. Facebook has evolved into a hyper-sharing platform of information for the mass public.

While Bettizens intents to offer a similar platform and almost comparable functionality, the concept isn’t designed for mass, public sharing. Bettizens is truly a private network designed for social progress activists and supporters of social progress. We do not have a friend cap on Bettizens, but our members are encouraged to connect only with people they trust and with whom they share similar points of view.

Bettizens is an ideal web platform for social activists who feel overwhelmed by the massive growth or large personal networks that Facebook generated and for those who want a more private way to share experiences only with like-minded people.

Bettizens’s features are somehow similar to Facebook Timeline’s features. We have tried to present our members with a clear interface, well-organized, and optimized for mobile in both, clear and dark modes. Here’s a look at our main elements:

Profile Photo and Cover Photo: members set a profile picture and a larger top cover photo (comparable to the Facebook Timeline cover photo), which is displayed on their personal profile.

Menu: Several menus list all the sections of the platform.

News Feed and Activity: The difference between the News Feed and Activity is that in the News Feed you can see in chronological order (altered only by the most popular posts) all posts. In the Activity linked to your Profile you can see your own posts and in the Groups Activity your own posts and those of your friends in the selected group.

Post Types: You have a variety of options, from simple text posts to photos, videos, quotes, polls, and links to outside posts.

Friends: Members can choose Friends to view a list of their friends and tap any one of them to view their Activities and the information they have chosen to make public.

Privacy & Security: Bettizens is private by default and gives members total control of who could see their posts and other information.

To-Do Lists: Bettizens encourages its members to add tasks to their to-do list (personal and in Groups) and allows them to ‘edit’, ‘delete’, and ‘mark-complete’ their tasks. Members can create a category for to-do and add tasks according to category wise. It also has a due date reminder feature which reminds our activists, organizers, and participants that their due date has arrived and sends them an email or notification.

… and more. 

Bettizens is a platform under development. Every passing day we will add more benefits and more functionalities that are useful to the organizations and initiatives of those who fight for progress at a local, national or international level.

Among the immediate projects, we plan to add a Directory of Related Entities, a Wiki of high relevance for the world’s activists and supporters, the possibility for every Good Citizen around the world to have his or her own business o personal website, a tool similar to GoFundMe… and much more.

How it Works

We are sure that you will have many other questions related to how things are done in Bettizens and how to use each of the features at your fingertips. To do this, we recommend you visit the “How it Works” page.

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