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Like Twitter, Uber, TikTok, Spotify, and others, Bettizens uses the most advanced desktop / mobile technology: a PWA or Progressive Web App. You can download it to your device with one click and the icon with our logo will appear on the screen of your device.

After your sign up you will see a red banner at the top.

or at the bottom of your device.

Just click Install App or Download App (in the banner and in the next screen) and you’re done. Usually, you will find the App icon on your last screen. You can move it and place it where you please.

You can also use the buttons at the top and at the bottom of THIS page (if you already installed the App you won’t see them or simply they won’t work).

You don’t need to download and install Bettizens App from an app store. You can do it straight from the web browser to your device. And you don’t need to manually update it, because it is automatically updated in the background, in fact, it updates every time you visit it.

We are still improving it, but it’s intended to have a universal operating functionality, offering platform & device compatibility, and a unified experience across all devices and platforms.

However, installing a PWA can be a confusing process for some people and looks quite different from one device to another. As such, we put together this handy guide to help you figure out how to install our App on your Android smartphone, iPhone, or computer using different web browsers.

Let’s start with Android. While installing a PWA with Android is easy, the method may also leave you wondering if you truly installed a PWA.

After your sign up you will see a red bannner in the botton of your device. Just click Install App (in the banner and in the next screen) and you’re done. In case you miss the banner, with the vast majority of Android devices, installing a PWA is as simple as navigating to the website you want to install on Chrome.

Once there, tap the three-dot overflow menu in the top-right corner and then select ‘Add to home screen.’ or “Install App“. Once done, you’ve installed our App and now you have the Bettizens logo icon on one of your home screens to place it where you please.


Installing a PWA on iOS is also quite simple, but can be rather limited. The process unfortunately only works from the Safari browser.  Beyond that restriction, however, it’s quite similar to Android.

Navigate to Bettizens.com in Safari. Then tap the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of your phone,


scroll down and tap ‘Add to Home Screen.’

Click on the Bettizens App and then tap AddOur App will show up on your home screen like a native iOS app. You can move it and place it where you please.

On desktop, Google Chrome will display a symbol on the right side of the address bar next to the bookmark button when you visit www.Bettizens.com and when you hoover that symbol it reads “App available. Install Bettizens…“. Clicking the button will prompt you to open and install our App.


Chrome also includes an option to download our App by clicking the three-dot menu button in the top right corner and selecting the “Install” option from the menu.


It handles PWA very similarly to Google Chrome. Just click the three-dot menu button and select ‘Apps.’ After that, click ‘Install.’ Edge will install Bettizens App and, like with Chrome, you will be able to pin the app to the taskbar.

Unfortunately, if you have a Mac, you cannot download our App using the Safari browser. Apple is sadly years behind with allowing the Progressive Web Apps on their signature browser, but if you run Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on your Mac, you can download it.


While “native apps” (the ones you usually download from the Google and Apple stores) are software applications created in a particular programming for a particular device platform (Android or IOS), PWAs don’t depend on a single API (Application Programming Interface), but rather use various technologies to give users the best web experience possible and are on par with native apps.

It relies on HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) to provide data security and minimize the risk of data breaches and security issues. HTTPS prevents snooping content tampering, and other illegal and malicious activities.

Bettizens APP

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