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Add to Home Screen

The Bettizens platform has been designed in a fully responsive way and takes into account the fundamentals of a PWA (Progressive Web App), which facilitates its use both on computers/laptops and on other devices (tablets and various types of smartphones).

To add it to the main screen of your device and always have it at hand, just follow these steps, depending on the operating system you are using:

Using an Android Device

To add a website to an Android home screen, open Google Chrome and go to the website. Then drop down the menu by tapping the screen’s three-dot icon at the top right-hand corner. Select  Add to Home screen .



Next, you have the opportunity to edit the title of the icon. Once the title looks fine, tap  Add  to transfer it to the home screen.



Using an iPhone

After going to the website  via Safari , tap the Share menu button.

In the menu, scroll down and select  Add to Home Screen .
If you want, edit the site’s title as it will appear on your screen. When everything is to your satisfaction, tap  Add .